About us

XXImo is the Dutch pioneer in developing a new and unique mobility and administrative solution for the business traveller. The company has created an advanced expenses management platform, enabling companies to manage the total mobility of their employees without administrative hassle and the chaos of receipts. At the front end, XXImo offers a practical mobility card for employees.

Unique to this solution is that it allows a company to choose the best way for employees to travel from A to B. In addition to refuelling, charging, car and bike hire, tolls and parking, the solution offers the option of travelling by public transport, making use of the national taxi service, booking conference centres and making hotel and flight reservations.

Companies using XXImo put together an online “travel menu” for each employee, specifying where the XXImo Mobility Card can be used and for what purpose, along with the maximum spend per transaction type. That way, all commuting and business travel is easy to schedule without deciding everything in advance. The user is completely free to tailor each journey to his or her requirements – simply, independently and in an environmentally-friendly manner.

All transactions with XXImo are shown on a single itemised invoice. Employers can use these invoices for their VAT returns. XXImo uses the Visa network, enabling worldwide coverage and guaranteeing privacy.

XXImo has been embraced by the biggest leasing companies, which offer the mobility solution to their customers. In the countries in which we operate, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, we have built a large network of providers which accept XXImo, and the choice of merchants continues to grow.


XXImo was acquired by Sodexo on 30 September 2015, offering XXImo opportunities to develop new markets at an accelerated pace. The takeover is enabling Sodexo to set up a completely new division within the group, completely focused on offering expense management solutions. Read more in the press release.