CO2 reduction

XXImo supports and encourages energy efficient, environmentally-friendly and sustainable transport. The principle of the XXImo Mobility Card offers greater flexibility and makes travelling by public transport and electric driving more attractive. By choosing these kinds of options more often, we can help reduce CO2 emissions. CO2 reduction is critical to keeping the Earth liveable. XXImo also provides its administrator with details of each cardholder’s CO2 emissions per journey, in order to encourage sustainable travel.

Understanding CO2 reduction

Through ‘My XXImo’ the administrator automatically has insight into the CO2 emissions for all journeys for each cardholder. For each type of transaction performed using the XXImo Mobility Card, a CO2 load factor has been determined by CE Delft. These factors are periodically checked by the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), The administrator of your company can see how much pollution is associated with each transaction. This awareness may result in a change in travel habits.

The carbon offset is calculated per transaction and is made visible to the administrator on the Self Service Website.

Carbon offsetting

Companies can choose to have ClimaCount offset their CO2 emissions for them. This involves charging a fixed amount per XXImo Mobility Card; see our rates page. ClimaCount invests in projects which are effective in combating global warming. These include projects that involve planting forests and generating renewable energy by building wind turbines. ClimaCount’s carbon offsetting programme is audited annually by KPMG Advisory.

Environmentally-friendly travel with XXImo – the benefits

  • XXImo offers you more flexibility and eco-friendly solutions
  • XXImo gives you a clear picture of your company’s CO2 emissions
  • See how much pollution is generated by each type of service
  • Raises awareness
  • Potential positive impact on costs and employee health