XXImo helps you save money

With XXImo, companies and public authorities save on their business costs by reducing refuelling and parking charges and maximising VAT refunds. In addition, they save on the cost of processing all those individual receipts and expenses claims. With XXImo, individual receipts are a thing of the past. Read more.

Manage mobility costs

The XXImo Mobility Card offers freedom of choice and ease of use thanks to the wide range of services which the administrator of your company can turn on or off per module and per employee. That means authorising in advance rather than submitting expenses claims afterwards.

On the one hand, you decide what each employee is permitted to do with the XXImo Mobility Card, on the other, your employee has maximum freedom of choice between modes of transport and decides for him/herself what is the best way to travel from A to B. But nothing is paid without your giving prior permission. You are in control and you decide, per individual employee if you wish, what the specific budget is for each mobility or other option.

Cost indicator

All transactions using XXImo are shown in the ‘My XXImo’ portal. Cardholders can easily label these transactions as business, private or commuting costs and indicate whether they were incurred for specific customers, cost centres or projects. XXImo reports the labels in the invoice breakdown on ‘My XXImo’ and as part of the data exchange with our customers, so that all costs can easily be linked to the right customer, project or cost centre in the accounts. XXImo also sends a data file to your payroll department or provider to enable them to settle private transactions with your employees. Read more about the cost indicator.

Extensive reporting options

XXImo offers very extensive reporting options. You will receive the most essential reports (read more) as standard, but we can also provide tailored reports on request and in consultation with you. Examples are usage reports for the use of cards outside working hours, use of cards at non-affiliated XXImo filling stations, irregular behaviour by cardholders, etc.

Account manager visits

If you are interested in making use of XXImo for your company, we will be pleased to put you in touch with one of our account managers. He/she will help you make the right choices and apply for the XXImo Mobility Cards. For example, we can support you by giving workshops on setting up and using XXImo, helping you complete the specially developed XXImo advisory module, or simply by taking work out of your hands. With a single point of contact, we’ll make sure that XXImo is implemented within your company in the most efficient manner possible.

You can get in touch with us by calling 0900 1 23 000 10 or leave your details on our contact form.