Handy user tips

  • With XXImo, you can use your card at 85% of German filling stations; check the XXImo app to see which filling stations are near you.
  • Want to log into ‘My XXImo’? Your e-mail address doubles as your username.
  • International travel with XXImo? Book your plane ticket, train journey or hotel at ‘My XXImo’.
  • Unmanned filling stations? Bear in mind that in some cases, an amount may temporarily be reserved from your XXImo Mobility Card when you refuel in order to guarantee that your card has enough credit on it. This amount will be set off against the amount actually spent at the pump within one day.
  • Online purchases are excluded, with the exception of specific sites which are permitted for XXImo users, for example booking international train tickets via ‘My XXImo’.
  • Do you often use taxis? The Mytaxi and taxi.de taxi services are also easy to pay for with XXImo.
  • Looking for a refuelling, parking or charging location with the XXImo app? By regularly logging back in you refresh the data, which means you will always see the latest available refuelling, parking and charging locations near you.
  • As a cardholder, you can label your transactions as private, business or commuting transactions and indicate whether they were incurred for specific customers, cost centres or projects. Read more.