The most advanced mobility solution branded with your company’s name

We enable you, as a mobility supplier, to issue Germany’s most advanced mobility card as an own-brand product. The mobility card and the ‘My XXImo’ self-service website, as well as the free app, can be issued in your own look-and-feel.

Kaarten en vlaggen

Flexibility in transport

Do you support your customers across the entire mobility domain? XXImo Mobility Cards enable users to choose the most efficient form of transport every time. With one and the same solution, they can opt for car, train, tram, bus, metro, taxi, plane or bicycle. And the card can also be used for mobility-related expenditures, such as hotels, food & drink or meeting venues. All transactions are collected on a single monthly VAT invoice.

Integration options adapted to your own work processes

With XXImo, you can choose between different forms of integration/implementation. For instance, you can work with the self-service model, in which the administrator requests the cards via a self-service website and performs any modification requests. You can also choose system integration, in which the requests are sent from your own operating system directly to XXImo. This makes it possible to request large number of cards from XXImo in one go. Ask your account manager for the options.

Who will do the invoicing?

XXImo provides you with a summary of all transactions every month, sorted first by customer and then by cardholder. Based on these summaries, you can generate your customer invoices yourself.

On request, XXImo can also invoice your customer(s) directly. Please contact your account manager for this service.


You can find the rates for the various XXImo options and services on our rates page; click here.

It is possible to make separate price agreements in consultation with our account management.