Among other things, the XXImo Mobility Card can be used as a fuel card. You can use your card at 85% of German filling stations; check the XXImo app to see which filling stations are near you. Once you have paid, you won't have to worry about receipts and submitting expense claims. Because each time you pay for fuel with your XXImo Mobility Card, the transaction is shown on a single monthly invoice. Which makes it easy to keep track. Click here to view our network.

A single fuel card for Germany and Europe

With your fuel card from XXImo, you can refuel at more than 12,000 filling stations across Germany. Does your company operate internationally? You can authorise your employees to refuel with XXImo abroad as well. All XXImo-affiliated filling stations are easy to find with the free XXImo app. So with our app on your smartphone, you’ll always have a list of filling stations to hand. The app can also navigate directly to the filling station of your choice.

All fuel purchases in Germany are paid by using the orange magnetic strip on the Mobility Card.

XXImo Carte

Get an even better grip on costs

XXImo works with the most affordable service stations in Germany. And in order to get an even better grip on your fuel costs, you can set a limit on the card. You can even decide how much an individual employee can spend on his/her card and which filling stations he/she may refuel at. XXImo has divided all the filling stations in Germany into three price categories:

A: Filling stations with a ‘high’ price level;

B: Fuel stations with an average price level;

C: filling stations with a ‘low’ price level.

The benefits of refuelling with XXImo

  • Attractive discounts on fuel
  • No more hassle with receipts and expense claims
  • All your refuelling costs  clearly shown on a single VAT invoice which is suitable for VAT returns
  • Authorise in advance instead of checking retrospectively
  • No paperwork
  • Your XXImo Mobility Card allows you to do so much more than a regular fuel card!
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