Paying with your XXImo mobility card

Paying with your XXImo Mobility Card works on the basis of credit loaded onto your card in advance.Not enough credit? In this case, payment is not possible. In order to avoid having insufficient credit, a weekly amount is loaded onto your card, so topping up the credit available for you to spend. For example, suppose your weekly credit is €300 and you only used up €200 in week 23: in this case, you will receive €200 on Monday morning of week 24 in order to top your balance back up to €300. This amount will be automatically collected from your company. The weekly credit limit can be set to an amount of your choice during the application process, but it can also be changed in between times. This means you can decide for yourself what level of travel costs may be incurred using the mobility card every week.

Viewing the balance on your mobility card

As a cardholder, you can always view the balance on your mobility card. You can view your current balance in your personal My XXImo account on our website and in the free XXImo app. That way, you won’t be confronted with any unpleasant surprises. In addition, you will receive an e-mail alert when more than 80% of the available weekly credit has been used up for one of your mobility services. If a higher credit is required on your mobility card, the balance can be increased by the administrator. Another possibility is to set off the credits for the various services against one another. For example, if your parking credit is almost used up but you still have plenty of refuelling credit, it is very simple to transfer one to the other.