Rates calculator

XXImo works with fixed, competitive rates for each XXImo Mobility Card and for each mobility service. The card fee is determined monthly, based on the mobility services chosen. The basic monthly fee (€ 2.85 per month per cardholder) is charged six months in advance. Any additional mobility services and/or amendments are charged monthly and itemised on the collective invoice. In this way, XXImo helps to simplify your admin and makes it easy for you to keep track, Whilst you have the flexibility to tailor XXImo services directly to your needs and make changes simply by turning on and off services per cardholder (per month) in the secure online XXImo self-service module.

Naturally, you only pay for the services you turn on each month. For example, if you only want to use the XXImo Mobility Card to refuel in Germany and for parking in multi-storey car parks, you pay only € 2.85 per month. If you also choose public transport in Germany and international travel, the XXImo Mobility Card costs € 5.85 per month. Choose the various products and services to suit your needs below and see right away what the XXImo Mobility Card will cost you.

We will be happy to produce a customised quote for companies with over 50 employees. Our specialists will be pleased to answer your questions or you can send us a message using our contact form.

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Monthly One-time fee
XXImo Mobility Card € 4,40 € 17,50
Neighbouring countries € 1,00
Europe € 1,50
Parking (on street and in car parks) and toll bridge fees
in Europe € 0,25
Public transport € 1,50
Openbaar vervoer Europa € 1,75
Electric charging € 3,50 € 5,00
Shared mobility € 3,00
International travel € 1,50
Gastronomy € 1,00
in Europe € 1,00
VISA network € 1,00
in Europe € 1,00