‘My XXImo’ self-service website

The XXImo self-service module is available for cardholders and administrators 24/7. Each cardholder has their own personal login, which they can use to access ‘My XXImo’. The same goes for administrators. The self-service website offers an administrator different options than cardholders.


By means of the online XXImo self-service module ‘My XXImo’, XXImo allows you to view your details and the transactions performed using your XXImo Mobility Card in real time. In addition, you can easily book taxis, flights, hotels and international train tickets in the module and use our handy route planner ‘Refuelling & parking along the way’.


The online XXImo self-service module ‘My XXImo’ enables you to view monthly invoices and the details and expenditure patterns of each employee in real time. This enables timely adjustment at any point during the day. For example, in order to turn mobility options on or off or adjust budgets per cardholder. In addition, you can also see the CO2 emissions per employee.