XXImo: the first mobility card available via Apple Pay

Pay fast, securely and contactless for mobility 

Paying for mobility is easier than ever with Apple Pay. No need to look for your physical mobility card or request your PIN, after all, you have your iPhone with you anyway.  

With Apple Pay, we offer our users the smoothest payment experience on the go. Whether you pay at a petrol station, check in on public transport or take a taxi. Pay in an instant with the devices you carry with you every day. And as a bonus, it’s also incredibly safe. Every transaction is confirmed with Face ID, Touch ID or a code.  

Are you also joining the new digital world of mobility and payment? 

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About XXImo 
XXImo is the mobility platform that enables businesses to arrange all their mobility matters. Within the platform, the mobility policy can be set up completely according to your wishes, per employee or per team. Set travel budgets, select transport options, choose regions and determine expense claim options. Everything can be set based on rules, you decide!  

Employees are given complete freedom of choice within the rules of the policy to compose their trip according to their needs every day. Using a smart app and mobility card, they gain access to all conceivable transport options, from public transport, shared transport and refuelling, parking and e-charging. This way, we offer control options to employers, and flexibility and convenience to employees. A win-win situation!