How does my balance get topped up again?

Each week the balance on the card is topped up to the desired level of spending credit specified when applying for the card. This will be the full credit initially. After that, the weekly use will be topped up to the weekly limit. This weekly limit is always available again on Monday morning.

Example: Let’s say that you have calculated that you need a weekly credit of € 300. € 300 will be transferred to the card during the initial weekly direct debit. If you spend € 200 with the XXImo Mobility Card in the subsequent week, the next weekly direct debit will be € 200. After all, there was still € 100 available balance on the XXImo Mobility Card.

If more than 80% of the weekly limit has been used for a mobility service, then we will send you an email notifying you of this. If after this notification you require a higher credit, then there are two actions that can be taken:

  1. The Mobility Manager can redistribute amounts from other services for you. Example: you still have ample refuelling credit but no parking credit left. This can be changed at the click of a mouse.
  2. You ask your Mobility Manager to increase the balance on your card.

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