Whom should I call in the event of a faulty public charging station?

Faults in public charging stations should be reported to the manager of the charging station in question. It is important to check which party is providing the charging station. Have your token number to hand when reporting faulty charging stations. This is a number known in the charging station network.

Within Amsterdam there are the following numbers for public charging stations:

Essent: 0800-3773683
Nuon black charging station: 0900 6752237
Nuon grey charging station: 020-5973147

Outside of Amsterdam most public charging stations are provided by E-laad:

EV-Box also provides public charging stations. If a charging station is faulty, please call: +31 (0)88 77 55 444.

Q-Park multi-storey car parks also feature public smart LoLos. Faults in these charging stations should be reported to The New Motion (open 24/7).

If your home charging station is faulty, please get in touch with The New Motion.

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