How can I apply for XXImo Mobility Cards?

Apply for the XXImo Mobility Card in just two steps. First of all, you can enter your company details securely in our online customer request module, after which you will be given an opportunity to print the contract straight away. After signing the contract, you can send it to XXImo.

As soon as the contract has been received and processed by XXImo, the staff authorised for this purpose (Mobility Manager) will be sent log in credentials which they can use to apply for XXImo Mobility Cards for the employees during the second step. This is done through ‘My XXImo’. Within this module, the Mobility Manager can indicate which XXImo mobility options the employee will be entitled to use. Examples of XXImo mobility options include: refuelling, parking, public transport and taxis. If desired, the Mobility Manager can enter a maximum weekly spending limit for each mobility option.

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