How can I top up credit in the meantime?

Each Monday the credit on the card is automatically topped up to the maximum weekly limit. Interim top-ups are done as follows:

  1. Work out the extent of the extra credit required.
  2. Find the XXImo customer number. This is the 8-digit customer number under the name on the front of your XXImo Mobility Card (i.e. not the card number).
  3. Transfer the amount to ABN Amro account number IBAN NL92ABNA0504017500 in the name of XXImo B.V. BIC: ABNANL2A. Enter only the XXImo customer number as the description
  4. If you make a transfer at your bank on Monday to Thursday before 14:30, then the extra balance will be credited to the XXImo Mobility Card the next working day after 9:00. If you make a payment on Friday or after 14:30, then the amount will be credited to the XXImo Mobility Card within two working days. Your current card balance is shown in ‘My XXImo’ and the XXImo app.

It would also be advisable to consult with your Mobility Manager to see whether the weekly limit is sufficient for your mobility requirements.

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