I forgot to check out with my XXImo public transport chip card. How do I reclaim my money?

You can reclaim your money in three simple steps at uitcheckgemist.nl. This can be done if you didn’t check in or out on the bus, train, tram or underground.

How does it work?
If you didn’t check out, then go to uitcheckgemist.nl. Have your XXImo public transport chip card to hand. You’ll need your card number (starts with 3528) and the ‘valid until’ date. It could be several days up to around a fortnight until your missed check-out is visible. Here you can simply state what the destination was. Upon completion, you’ll receive confirmation by e-mail. Within a few days you’ll be able to view the correction on a yellow machine. The excess amount you paid will subsequently be credited to the balance on your XXImo public transport chip card. Hence no funds will be credited to your or your employer’s bank account. Instead, the difference will be credited in full through your XXImo public transport chip card. You’ll also find the credit in the transaction overview on ‘My XXImo’ or through the Milo app.

Missed Check-out Alert
Holders of XXImo public transport chip cards can register online for the ‘Check-out Alert’. By registering for this alert, cardholders will receive an e-mail if the event of them missing a check-out. After missing a check-in or check-out, it will take some time before the journey is displayed on uitcheckgemist.nl. In most cases, cardholders will be able to reclaim money within 14 days. Cardholders who register for this alert will receive an e-mail as soon as the money can be credited.

Translink is responsible for uitcheckgemist.nl, in conjunction with the participating transport firms.

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