How is my balance topped up?

Every week the balance on the card is supplemented to the desired spending credit entered when applying for the card. The first time this will be the full credit. The weekly consumption is then supplemented up to the weekly limit. This week limit is always available again on Monday morning.

Example: Suppose you have calculated that you need a credit of € 300 per week. Then € 300 will be added as credit in the first week’s collection. If you spent € 200 with the XXImo Mobility Card in the following week, the following weekly collection will be € 200. The available balance on the XXImo Mobility Card was, after all, still € 100. If more than 80% of the weekly limit of a mobility service is used up, you will receive an e-mail with a notification of this.

If you need a higher credit after this notification, you can take two different actions:

  • The Mobility Manager can redistribute amounts from other services for you. Example: you still have a large tank credit but no more parking credit, this can be adjusted with one click.
  • You ask your Mobility Manager to increase the balance on your card.

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