What are the rules for claiming expenses?

The XXImo expense claim module on ‘My XXImo’ enables you to submit individual expense claims if you are unable to pay with your XXImo Mobility Card. On the self-service website ‘My XXImo’ you can log in as a cardholder and complete a form for each receipt.

Rules (effective from 1 March 2017):

  • Only expense claims submitted within two months of the failed transaction will be processed;
  • We will process the expense claim only if you have been authorised by your employer for the specific mobility option and have sufficient credit;
  • A cardholder may submit no more than three expense claims per year;
  • Expense claims are paid out by XXImo once a month;
  • For us to be able to process your expense claim, it must always be accompanied by a scan of the transaction receipt and the bank or credit card statement (this may also be a photo).

Please bear in mind that we will collect your claimed amount from your card balance, which means you will have less available credit.

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