Uber for Business

Are you already using the Uber app? Your Uber account will receive an update: Uber for Business!

With this upgrade you as cardholder can:

  • Easily switch between private and business account.
  • Share trips with your colleagues.
  • Uber in all countries of Europe.
  • Pre-ordering a taxi or collecting rental cars is a thing of the past.
  • Book an Uber now! #nohurry
  • See complete transactions in your overview.

Can’t you order an Uber yet? Ask your employer about the possibilities.

Mobility Manager

The above benefits are of course also good for you as an employer. Another big advantage is that you get full insight into journey information, transactions and VAT data. You can set Uber services per employee.

Questions? Please contact our Servicedesk via 0900 1980 or read more in our press release.

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