Where can I refuel?

Refuelling in the Netherlands
The XXImo refuelling network now encompasses in excess of 3,200 filling stations (75% coverage), including brands such as AVIA, Tango, TinQ, De Haan, Lukoil, Gulf, Tank S, Amigo, Supertank and Esso. Along the motorway XXImo is accepted at all OK, Tango and Esso stations. If you are authorised to refuel in price categories A, B and C, then you will be welcome at all these brands. Are you authorised for the cheapest stations (category C)? If so, you can always use TinQ, Tango, Amigo, Esso Express, Supertank, Lukoil express and Firezone. Please consult the Milo app to see which other stations you are authorised to refuel at.

Refuelling abroad
Refuelling can also be done throughout the rest of Europe at 28,350 filling stations where Visa is accepted. The cardholder will need to have the appropriate authorisation to refuel outside of the Netherlands.

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