How will I be given a discount on the parking charges at Q-Park P+R locations with my XXImo Mobility Card?

XXThe XXImo public transport chip card entitles XXImo cardholders to a discount on parking charges at all Q-Park P+R locations in the vicinity of NS railway stations if the cardholder has travelled on an NS train and checked in using the XXImo public transport chip card on that same day. The discount may vary from location to location.

Example of daily rate
Maximum daily rate € 12,75
Maximum daily rate for XXImo & NS € 5,34

How does it work?

  1. Please ensure that as a cardholder you are authorised for ‘Public transport’ and ‘Parking’.
  2. When entering you take a ticket or insert your XXImo Mobility Card into the card reader. The barrier opens and you can park your car.
  3. When leaving, first keep your OV chip card in front of the card reader of the exit terminal. The system checks whether you have traveled by train and automatically activates the special daily rate.
  4. Then offer your XXImo Mobility Card (seen here as a credit card).
  5. The discount is automatically processed and the amount is settled with your card balance.
  6. You can drive on!

Please note: The discount will only apply if you have also checked in and out with the XXImo public transport chip card on an NS train that day.

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