Fraud or Phishing attempts to retrieve your security codes or login details in various ways. This can be done, for example, by telephone, e-mail or fake websites. Fraudsters try this with 'the good intention' to check your data. Even though they seem friendly, never share your login details / security codes with others. Be alert for fraud!

Fraud by telephone

Remember that XXImo employees will never ask for your security codes or login details. Is somebody asking about your security codes over the telephone? Hang up the phone!

Fraud via e-mail

It’s possible that you receive e-mails which look like an XXImo mailing but do not really come from XXImo. For example, you will be asked to enter your login details via a link. Know that XXImo will never ask for your data, not even via e-mail. These are personal and we respect that. Therefore never share your information with others. Do you receive such an email? Please, send it to

Fake websites

Are you approached and asked to log in to My XXImo on the website? Do not do this and break the contact. There could be a possibility that this website is a copy of the real website. Please exit the website immediately. XXImo employees will never ask you to log in and share your information. Those who do request this from you have incorrect intentions.

If you log in to My XXImo yourself, check whether the web address starts with

Send your card return?

Are you being asked to return your Mobility Card for whatever reason? Do not do this. Break the contact and inform us of this fraud attempt.

We will never ask you to return your card. An XXImo / VISA card that is blocked by XXImo can no longer be used. Returning is not necessary and we will never ask for it. We only ask this for an OV chip card. You can identify an OV chip card by the text ” OV chip card | business ” on the back.

What does XXImo do against fraud?

We never ask for your details! XXImo is alert for fake messages, fake websites or phone calls with wrong intentions. Therefore, if you have the idea that you are dealing with fraud, we would like to receive a notification via 0900 1980 or So that we can do everything we can to prevent fraud.