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Milo in one minute

Milo, a must-have on the road

You can view all filling stations, car parks, meeting venues, charging points and car washes available for you in the app. Milo navigates you to them directly. Milo provides up-to-date travel advice based on your diary, location, preferences and traffic information.



Mobile parking with Milo…

The Milo app facilitates mobile parking in the Netherlands and Belgium by enabling you to start, stop and pay for parking sessions. It makes a separate app for mobile parking a thing of the past.  


Milo can get you a taxi, shared car or rental car right away

Need a taxi or shared car? Milo can get you a taxi via taxiboeken.nl, Uber, eCab or FREE NOW right away. You can easily book a shared car via Greenwheels, SHARE NOW or Fetch car sharing. You can quickly book and pay for a rental car via SIXT share.



Milo helps you with your record keeping

Milo shows all the transactions made using your Mobility Card and offers you the option of adding a cost center or customer name, or marking the transaction as private/business. The data are made available online via My XXImo. No more hassle with manually processing receipts. Experience the ease of expense claiming 2.0 with Milo.

All the benefits at a glance

Milo plans and provides information for your journey

  • View the nearest filling stations, car parks, meeting venues and car washes (on your route) and navigate straight to them. The Milo app only shows the locations employees are authorised for
  • Find charging points in Milo or use SMOOV
  • Compare your travel time by car and public transport based on your journeys straight from your calendar
  • You’ll receive a message if your route changes based on the latest traffic and congestion information

Milo arranges and pays for mobility

  • Starting, stopping and paying for parking sessions, directly in the app
  • Direct access to taxi services: taxiboeken.nl, Uber, eCab and FREE NOW (Germany)
  • Direct access to shared cars: Greenwheels, SHARE NOW, Fetch car sharing
  • View your transactions, with the option to identify them as private, business or commuting, or by customer name / cost centre
  • Book and pay for international train travel directly
  • Buy m-tickets for De Lijn (Flemish public transport) and NMBS train tickets
  • Card machine out of order? Take a photo of the receipt and claim it back directly in Milo

Milo keeps you in the picture and answers all your questions

  • Instantly view your current mobility budget
  • Contact the service desk directly
  • Instant answers to our questions through the chat function
  • Submit your current kilometrage
  • Request your PIN code and change your password
  • Available in four languages (Dutch, English, French, German)

Download Milo for free

The Milo app, powered by XXImo, is free but is only available to XXImo card holders. In addition, the Milo app shows only the mobility for which you have been authorised by your employer.

My privacy?

Milo provides advice based on the information you share with the app or for which you give the app permission. This information is not recorded or shared with third parties and Milo has no tracking feature to establish where you’ve been.