Charity - Hulphond Nederland

Hulphond Nederland is an organization that helps people with specific help requests by deploying a help dog. For example people in a wheelchair, with epilepsy, but also with PTSD or young people with serious behavioral problems. A service dog prevents isolation and offers them new perspectives. Hulphond Nederland believes in the power of ‘together we are strong’, just like XXImo.

Why Hulphond Nederland?

We, at XXImo, think Hulphond Nederland is a fantastic organization that helps people with disabilities stay as mobile as possible. XXImo knows how important mobility is to people and that is why we believe it is very important that people who are less mobile receive an helping hand. Young & old! There should be no financial thresholds for applicants for service dogs. That is the reason why we sponsor Hulphond Nederland.


Our & your contribution

We contribute to his by providing the employees of Hulphond Nederland with an XXImo Mobility Card, including a budget with which they can refuel, park, use public transport, taxi and electric charging.

We also encourage our partners to support Hulphond Nederland. They can contribute to this by turning on the service “Hulphond Nederland” for € 1 per active cardholder / per month. The full amount goes to Hulphond Nederland. Do you also want to support Hulphond Nederland? Read here how.

Together we are going to strengthen the feeling of freedom and mobility for people who need it!