Below you will find all the conditions of XXImo and its service providers.

IDT Financial Services

IDT Financial Services
XXImo has concluded an agreement with IDT Financial Services for the XXImo prepaid card. All administrative and operational activities are performed by XXImo in-house, under the Visa licence held by IDT Financial Services. IDT Financial Services is part of the American IDT Corporation, a company listed on the US stock market with a presence on every continent.

For more information about IDT Financial Services, we refer you to the text below.

The XXImo Mobility Card is issued by IDT Financial Services Limited under licence from Visa Europe Limited. IDT Financial Services Limited is regulated by and has been approved by the Financial Services Commission, Gibraltar (regulator for financial services, Gibraltar). Registered office: 57-63 Line Wall Road, Gibraltar. Registration number. 95716. All communications should be sent to XXImo B.V., Postbus 2415, 5202 CK ’s-Hertogenbosch.