Quick, hassle-free charging of company vehicles! We provide everything: a charging card, an app and installation, management and maintenance of the charging station. On top of these things, you can opt for extra comfort or additional mobility services, such as taxi, public transport, public bicycle scheme (‘OV-fiets’), parking and car wash. If you opt for the Premium package, XXImo will provide a courtesy car for you if a fault in the home charging station leaves you stranded.

All-in-one charging package basic

  • A single point of contact for switching to electric charging. Full service, all-in!
  • Hassle-free installation of charging station by specialised technicians, for 1 or 100 employees.
  • Charge anywhere in Europe and fast charge using the XXImo charging card.
  • XXImo’s Milo app displays the nearest charging stations in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • Real-time insight into energy consumption and transactions via the Milo app at all times.
  • Costs of home charging automatically settled by employer.
  • The home charging station

    The Innogy eBox Smart RFID is the most reliable charging station currently on the market. This charging station comes as a 22 kW station (3 phase, 32A) as standard and is fitted with the latest German technology, suitable for all electric cars. Leakage current protection has been incorporated into the charging station and is included in all packages as standard. The charging station comes in black with the XXImo logo.

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