Many freelancers only have a small office space, sometimes none at all. A lot of their work, such as appointments with customers, therefore takes place elsewhere. This adds up to a lot of kilometres and costs. Kilometres driven on business are tax-deductible. But many freelancers overlook the fact that fuel costs can also be claimed as an expense. A business Freelance fuel card, which you can use to pay for all your business fuel costs, would be ideal. The XXImo Mobility Card offers just this by doubling as a freelance fuel card.


The XXImo Mobility Card as a freelance fuel card

You can use your XXImo freelance fuel card at 3,200 filling stations in the Netherlands, 110 of them located on motorways. Do you work internationally? You can use your XXImo freelance fuel card abroad too. In Belgium, you can use your XXImo fuel card at 2,950 petrol stations. In the rest of Europe, your card can be used at all 28,350 filling stations which accept Visa. These filling stations are very easy to locate. All XXImo-affiliated filling stations are easy to find with the free XXImo app. So with our app on your smartphone, you’ll always have a list of nearby filling stations to hand. The app can also navigate directly to the filling station of your choice and also shows you which price category the filling station falls into. Because with XXImo, you always benefit from attractive discounts, from 5 cents per litre to as much as 12 cents per litre!

Not just a fuel card

The XXImo Mobility Card is much more than a card to refuel with. You can use it to book and pay for nearly all your national and international business trips. For example, parking and taxi fares, public transport, airline tickets, hotels and hire cars. You can take care of all of this very easily via your online account at My XXImo. Moreover, you benefit from extra competitive rates and attractive discounts on many of these services. You will also receive a single VAT invoice clearly showing all your transactions. All of which makes business travel very attractive.

Filling up with XXImo – the benefits:

  • All your refuelling costs clearly shown on a single monthly invoice
  • No administrative hassle involving piles of receipts
  • You benefit from extra low pump prices
  • No more money wasted
  • There’s more you can do with XXImo besides refuelling

Would you like to know more about how the XXImo Mobility Card works? If so, click here.