Accept XXImo Cards and increase your sales



Increasing your sales with no extra effort? Yes, sure!

By accepting the XXIMO cards, you open the doors for a large number of active XXIMO cardholders. They will be able to use your products and/or services directly, without any extra effort.

Moreover, if you wish, you will bring your company to the attention of our cardholders through marketing activities and the location finder in our Milo app.


Easy and safe payment

Contactless or ‘traditional’ payment, it’s all possible. XXImo strives for safe and reliable transactions. This is supported by the EMV chip in the card, which reduces the risk of fraud and skimming (i.e. copying the magnetic strip).


Direct, fast and guaranteed payment

No extra intermediaries. You know the working method of your current Visa payment partner and that will stay the same. Guaranteed payments are safeguarded by Visa.


No hassle or extra costs with new contracts

The XXImo cards are part of the VISA network. Have you already accepted VISA as a payment method? Then you will not incur any extra connection costs. The payments will be processed through your current trusted payment partner. Have you not accepted VISA as a payment method yet? We are happy to help with this.


Interested or would like to know more? For more information, please contact the Network Acceptance department by completing the form on the left side of this page. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.