As a company whose employees make a lot of business trips, you often have to weigh up convenience, cost savings and efficiency. Every company faces the same considerations. Particularly in large companies, it is crucial to know how many kilometres are being covered on business, the associated costs and the efficiency of travel. This information can help you when drawing up a mobility plan for your company. A good mobility plan containing clear guidelines creates awareness among your employees and helps you keep a better grip on costs.


XXImo will help you with your mobility plan/b>

XXImo offers you a solution which simultaneously ensures a better understanding of and control over your business travel costs, but also greater flexibility. You can make a mobility plan for each employee: a unique package of services for him/her to use. This can therefore be completely matched to his/her position and duties. A separate budget can also be allocated to each service. Employees can view these budgets at any time. This increases awareness and makes employees more careful when incurring travel costs. Budget all used up? In this case, the employee will have to contact the Mobility Manager. If this happens consistently, you will have concrete figures available when you choose to raise the issue for discussion. This therefore makes it easier to enforce your mobility policy.

Sustainable travel

There is a growing demand from companies and public authorities for mobility management. Moreover, we see a growing demand for chain mobility and sustainability among younger employees. XXImo supports and encourages energy efficient, environmentally-friendly and sustainable travel. We offer services such as car sharing, electric charging and travel by public transport. In addition, we provide information about the quantity of CO2 emissions per trip. This creates greater awareness about environmentally-friendly travel and enables you to align your budgets with energy-efficiency objectives.

More convenience, less paperwork

Alongside improved planning regarding travel costs, XXImo means increased convenience and more efficiency for your company. Searching for, comparing and booking travel options is easy via an online customer environment. Paying for travel costs is faster, simpler and safer with the XXImo Mobility Card. Moreover, no major administrative effort is required, because there are no receipts to be kept and fewer expense claims to be submitted. All transactions are clearly shown on a single VAT invoice. This makes it immediately clear to the tax authorities that the payments in question relate to travel expenses. Submitting costs and reclaiming VAT therefore also becomes faster and easier.

All of these elements of convenience will add up to enormous efficiency gains within your organisation.