XXImo is the mobility solution for authorities

Our mobility solution will enable you as an organization to steer things in terms of costs and maximize convenience for employees. Employees can use the XXImo Mobility Card for public transport (inc. season tickets), public transport bicycle, public transport taxi, electric charging, car-sharing, Uber, refuelling and parking. Everything on 1 fully itemized invoice.

Making things as hassle-free as possible

XXImo provides flexibility and ease of use due to the wide array of mobility options that can be activated and deactivated for each employee throughout the organization. What this means is preauthorization rather than expense claims after the fact.

XXImo. The sustainable mobility solution for authorities

XXImo will help make your organization sustainable. It does so by reducing the number of kilometres by making alternative mobility options more appealing, for instance. Hence the XXImo Mobility Card can be used to pay for public transport (inc. season tickets), public transport bicycle, public transport taxi, Uber, car-sharing and electric charging.

Proven concept

The XXImo Mobility Card is a proven concept for authorities. XXImo is optimizing the mobility of such things as child protection services in the Amsterdam region, the local authorities in Nijmegen, Heerhugowaard and Bergen op Zoom, and the provincial authority in Overijssel.

Steering things in terms of costs

XXImo enables government bodies to steer the travel behaviour of their employees in the right direction in terms of reducing costs as well as CO2 emissions. Submitting receipts and expense claim forms will also become a thing of the past, which will significantly reduce indirect process costs.

Milo. The personal travel assistant for staff

By means of the Milo app, XXImo makes things easy for your staff too. For example, they can view their own mobility budget, request travel advice and add cost references to transactions at any time.


Our sustainable mobility solution fits in neatly with the specific wishes of various authorities.  Call +31 30 202 45 80 or enter your details on the contact form.