XXImo for SMEs

Looking for the best for your employee? XXImo has the right tool in the context of being a Good Employer. With the Mobility Card, your employee or colleague has more freedom of choice, flexibility and convenience. As an employer you retain control over this. You determine which mobility can be used for which budget per employee.

Responsibility and trust

Giving responsibility and trust: one of the conditions of Good Employership . With a preset budget set by you as an employer, your employee will have the confidence and responsibility to spend it correctly. The mobility budget can be set per employee and per service.


Traveling with pleasure

Another condition of Good Employership is pleasure. With the XXImo Mobility Card, you and your employees travel without worries and with pleasure. The freedom of choice in mobility gives a good and a feeling of freedom. For example, someone can opt for Public Transport and the Public Transport bicycle, while another opts for a shared car solution and electric driving. However, the employer keeps control! More work pleasure, more productivity.

Cost effective

XXImo helps save money. For example, you can save on fuelcosts or other mobility. With XXImo you save on the costs of processing receipts and claim forms. You thereby maximize VAT refund by specifying VAT on one invoice.



With Milo, the all-in-one mobility app, you can view all filling stations, car parks, meeting venues, charging points and car washes available for you in the app. Milo navigates you to them directly. Milo provides up-to-date travel advice based on your diary, location, preferences and traffic information.

Milo helps with the administration

Milo shows all transactions of your Mobility Card and offers the possibility to add a cost center, customer name or private / business listing. This data is made available online via My XXImo. No more hassle with manually processing receipts.

More information?

Our sustainable mobility solution fits in well with the specific wishes of various companies. Please call +31 30 304 0641  or leave your details on the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.