XXImo in 4 steps


XXImo helps you save money

With XXImo, companies and public authorities save on their business costs by reducing refuelling and parking charges, taking advantage of discounts on public transport and maximising VAT refunds. In addition, they save on the cost of processing all the individual receipts and expenses claims. With XXImo, individual receipts are a thing of the past. Research by KPMG has shown that it costs an average of € 7 to process an expenses claim. With XXImo, you save on those costs immediately. Read more.

Individual mobility options for each employee

Every employee has his or her own mobility needs. Some do a lot of driving, for example, others prefer to travel by public transport, while yet others choose the most suitable transport option for each trip. With XXImo, you decide which mobility options each employee is permitted to use. The administrator of your company has the ability to turn services on or off and set a budget for each employee in the ‘My XXImo’ self-service website. In this way, you offer your employees freedom of choice in all kinds of transportation while maintaining complete control.

In order to support their use of the XXImo Mobility Card, the ‘My XXImo’ self-service website and the free Milo app allow XXImo card-holders to view their balance, their active mobility options, their transactions (only ‘My XXImo’) and the XXImo network at any time. While on the move, card-holders can use ‘XXImo near you’ to see where the nearest services are located. They can do so using the Milo app, ‘My XXImo’ or the comprehensive XXImo-locator.

Cost indicator

All transactions using XXImo are shown in the ‘My XXImo’ portal. Card holders can easily label these transactions as business, private or commuting costs and indicate whether they were incurred for specific customers, cost centres or projects. XXImo reports the labels in the invoice breakdown on ‘My XXImo’ and as part of the data exchange with our customers, so that all costs can easily be linked to the right customer, project or cost centre in the accounts. XXImo also sends a data file to your payroll department or provider to enable them to set off private transactions with your employees. Read more about the cost indicator.

XXImo tailored to you

XXImo can be completely tailored to your mobility budget and needs. Put together your own XXImo package now! Click here.