The XXImo Mobility Card is the cheapest business fuel card in the Netherlands with which you and your employees can refuel at 83% of all Dutch fuel stations. All refuelling sessions of all employees, together with any other mobility expenses, are shown on one VAT invoice. Transparent and no fuss with receipts and expense claim forms.

The cheapest fuel card

The XXImo Mobility Card is the cheapest fuel card; cheap at the pump and with a low monthly amount!

Monthly amount Deposit
MKB Brandstof € 8,90 € 200
Travelcard € 7.75 Situational
MoveMove € 6.95
XXImo € 5.41*

* The monthly basic costs per XXImo Mobility Card are € 3.95 + one-off costs of € 17.50 spread over 12 months = € 1.46. Full amount per month: € 5.41. All prices excl. VAT.


Also the cheapest fuel card at the pump
With the XXImo Mobility Card you receive a guaranteed discount of 5 cents per litre at 75 ‘A motorway’ stations and 12 cents per litre at all unmanned stations!

More than just a fuel card
Your XXImo Mobility Card allows you to do so much more than a regular fuel card! The XXImo Mobility Card is a smart Visa card that makes it possible to set a budget and mobility options for each employee. You can decide per employee whether they can use it for parking, public transport, electric charging, taxis, car-sharing (Greenwheels, DriveNow, Amber Mobility) and car washes. This makes the XXImo Mobility Card the most complete mobility card!

The benefits of refuelling with XXImo

  • Refuelling at 83% of all Dutch fuel stations
  • Steering things in terms of costs rather than fuel station locations
  • Guaranteed minimum discount of 5 cents per litre on the pump price at 75 ‘A motorway’ fuel stations
  • Guaranteed minimum discount of 12 cents per litre at all unmanned stations!
  • No more hassle with receipts and expenses claims
  • Refuelling with premium fuels is automatically blocked
  • You can find the nearest fuel stations with the free Milo app
  • The XXImo Mobility Card can also be used at thousands of fuel stations throughout Europe
  • XXImo can be used at all fuel stations of Texaco, TinQ, Gulf, Esso, Tango, Esso Express, OK, De Haan, Amigo, Total Express and BP Express, Tank S, Lukoil, Argos and Elan and at a limited number of stations of BP and Shell

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