More and more employees are working both at home and at the office. This means that careful consideration must be given to the available workplaces and their optimal occupation. In addition, more and more employers are also considering paying a homework allowance or scaling down the number of office workplaces. Insight into who works at home and when at the office is indispensable. That is why XXImo has developed the workplace planner. 

With the workplace planner, employers can optimally manage the available workplaces in their offices. Employees can reserve a workplace in a few steps. This is useful if you have fewer workplaces than employees, or if you have specific wishes regarding the occupation on a day or spread over a week. As an employer, you can indicate per day how many employees are allowed to be in the office. This can even be set for various office locations, departments or floors. An employee can immediately see whether a workplace is still available and reserve it. 

The workplace planner is available via the Milo app. The reservation is arranged in a few simple steps. You always have an up-to-date overview of the ‘office situation’ and can, if necessary, manage by spreading office days. 


  • Easily reserve a workplace in the Milo app 
  • Always an up-to-date overview of the office situation 
  • Steering on spread 
  • One app for business travel and office occupancy 
  • Improve operational utilization  
  • Save on fixed costs by making better use of your business space