XXImo for corporate

With our mobility solution you are able to manage mobility costs and maximize the convenience for employees. With the XXImo Mobility Card, employees can use OV (subscriptions) , OV-fiets , Public transportation, taxi, electric charging, shared mobility , Uber, refuel and parking. All on 1 full specified invoice.

All-in one

Looking for flexibility, convenience, freedom of choice and saving costs? With XXImo, mobility services and budgets can be set per employee. Cardholders can go either way or even share mobility services such as Uber. Connectedness is our endeavor.

XXImo helps you save money

With XXImo, companies and public authorities save on their business costs by reducing refuelling and parking charges, taking advantage of discounts on public transport and maximising VAT refunds. In addition, they save on the cost of processing all those individual receipts and expenses claims. With XXImo, individual receipts are a thing of the past. Read more.


Travel with fun

On the one hand, you decide what each employee is permitted to do with the XXImo Mobility Card, on the other, your employee has maximum freedom of choice between modes of transport and decides for him/herself what is the best way to travel from A to B. But nothing is paid without your giving prior permission. You are in control and you decide, per individual employee if you wish, what the specific budget is for each mobility or other option. The freedom of choice in mobility gives a good feeling by the employer.


Stimulate vitality

Do you want to encourage your employees to exercise more? Then make sure that the service for sharing bicycles or steps is switched on. There is a good chance that your employees will be more vital and satisfied because of the easy way of travelling!

Economical travel

Fleet on the shovel to travel more economically? With XXImo your employees travel sustainably with OV , sharing cars , bicycles, scooters or even electric . There is as much as possible


Milo , the all-in-one Mobility app, plans, arranges and pays for mobility. What does that mean? All available service stations , parking garages , meeting locations, charge points and carwash streets are shown in the app. Milo navigates directly to it. Milo also provides up-to-date travel advice based on the agenda, location, preferences and traffic information.

Milo helps with the administration

Milo shows all transactions of your Mobility Card and offers the possibility to add a cost center, customer name or private / business listing. This data is made available online via My XXImo. No more hassle with manually processing receipts.


Our sustainable mobility solution fits in well with the specific wishes of various organizations. Knowing more? Call +31 30 304 0641 or leave your details on the contact form.