You are the boss, you make the choices!

With the Mobility Card and Milo app from XXImo you manage all your business travel movements. Whether it concerns an Uber ride, refueling, public transport or electric charging. All services can be combined. You keep control over the budget and services. We take care of the administration, because you can use your time better! No more hassle with receipts.

Pay mobile

Got your Mobility Card and smartphone with you? Ready to go! Experience the ease of arranging your trip with your mobile phone and / or Mobility Card. For example, you can pay for parking on street with your mobile and tickets for public transport. Moreover, as an entrepreneur you do not want to waste your time on administration, we’ll do that for you.

” With the Milo app I park easily and quickly in various places. I don’t even have to keep my parking ticket with me anymore! “”


Comfortable travel

With the Mobility Card you can go anywhere. Just where you want to go or what the traffic on the road requires. You can, literally, go either way: OV , electric charging , car2go , Public Transport Bike , UBER , mobile parking on the street and much more. Do you want to wash your car every now and then? Turn on the Carwash option. And, don’t worry if you have a balance or not. You set this yourself.

” The Mobility Card is a perfect invention and the best and fastest way to travel from A to B. The mobility solution saves me a lot of time and hassle with administration. ”


Save time and money

With Milo you have a daily overview of all transactions, expenses and costs. These mobility costs are collected on a single monthly invoice, which you can use for your VAT return. No hassle with expenses claims and receipts, a single clear summary for your records. All VAT itemized on the invoice is 100% deductible. Read more about VAT refund .



Milo , the all-in-one Mobility app, plans, arranges and pays for mobility. What does that mean? You can view all filling stations, car parks, meeting venues, charging points and car washes available for you in the app. Milo navigates you to them directly. Milo provides up-to-date travel advice based on your diary, location, preferences and traffic information.

Milo helps with the administration

Milo shows all transactions of your Mobility Card and offers the possibility to add a cost center, customer name or private / business listing. This data is made available online via My XXImo. No more hassle with manually processing receipts.

More information?

Our sustainable mobility solution fits well with specific wishes. Do you have any questions? Please call 0900 1980 or complete the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.