Mission and vision


We supply flexible and user-friendly solutions in order to support multimodal business mobility by combining our offer with new technologies and excellent customer service.


The needs of business travellers are changing, there is an increasing desire for flexibility and freedom of choice. Isolated solutions offer insufficient flexibility. Multimodal travel offers the benefits of public transport, parking, cycling and bicycle sharing, car sharing, car hire, charging points, taxi services, refuelling and rental options. Chain mobility also helps to improve quality of life, is less polluting and contributes to solving congestion and parking problems.

In order to be able to properly manage all the flexible options, a platform is required that can support solutions tailored to the individual, has sufficient monitoring options to prevent abuse and avoids the burden of a monthly stream of expense claims and envelopes full of receipts. In order to optimise ease of use, this platform is naturally available online 24/7 via the web, apps and mobile websites, and the service desk is open for personal contact seven days a week.