Driving electric in winter – 9 tips

29 November 2021

The range of an electric car decreases sharply in winter. Batteries can store less energy at low temperatures and firing up the heating in the car costs extra energy. Something to keep in mind, especially now that it’s getting wetter and colder outside. Fortunately, with the 9 tips below you can ensure that you can continue to drive well and comfortably electrically in the winter. So read on quickly!


  1. Preheat the car

Preheat the car if it is still at the charging station. This keeps the car nice and warm without using the battery. You can easily set this up via the app or the menu of the car. And if it has frozen over night, the windows are immediately ice-free. Very handy.


  1. Use the seat heating

Heating the whole car is not efficient, it is better to choose the seat heating. It heats up quickly, the direct heat feels nice and it costs less energy. This saves you up to 25% of the battery.


  1. Watch out for charging cable freezing

Frost can cause the charging cable to get stuck. Therefore, keep the plug connection and charging cable of the car as dry as possible. Is the charging cable frozen? Do not use hot water to defrost it.


  1. Always take a charging cables with you

The colder it gets, the lower the range. Once on the road, you do not want to be surprised by an empty battery. Therefore, make sure that there is always a charging cable in the car. So you can charge anytime and anywhere.


  1. Limit power consumption

Is your battery almost empty? In any case, use as little electronics as possible. It’s not realy comfortable, but turn off the radio and heating. That will quickly save you some extra kilometers.


  1. Put winter tires on your car

Winter tires provide more grip on the road and therefore less energy loss. This allows you to drive longer distances. Make sure you have good tire pressure, otherwise it will be counterproductive.


  1. Check the range of your car

Do you know how many kilometers your electric car drives in winter? It is wise to check this before you are going to drive (online). The EV database is a handy tool, it shows the maximum range to be expected under different circumstances.


  1. Use Milo for help along the way

With Milo, our handy travel app, help is always close at hand. Do you need to charge on the go? Milo will show you the nearest locations where you can (fast) charge, including availability.


  1. XXImo = easy loading and paying anywhere, anytime

With XXImo, employees can charge anywhere in the Netherlands at a fixed rate per kWh. All public charging stations and fast chargers, including Tesla Superchargers, are accessible via XXImo. Without extra or hidden costs, everything on 1 VAT invoice and 100% coverage in the Netherlands, guaranteed!


We wish you many safe electric kilometers! Would you like to know more about XXImo and our charging options? Please do not hesitate to contact us.



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