Natuur & Milieu launches Hopper campaign

02 February 2015

51% of Dutch people are in favour of flexible travel arrangements. A quarter of all Dutch people would like to not use their car more often. At the same time, 64% prefer to travel by car and for 70% of the Dutch population, private car ownership goes without saying. This is revealed by research published today by Natuur & Milieu, conducted by research agency Panelwizard. The study was prompted by the start of the Hopper campaign, an initiative by Natuur & Milieu in partnership with the Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment, Gazelle, KPN, XXImo and Go About.

Hopper campaign

The Hopper campaign is intended to get the Dutch travelling smarter. Hoppers are smart. They think beyond their own car and the train. They are just as quick to use a shared car, bike or taxi. They work at the office, at home or on the move. Hoppers simply choose what is convenient, pleasant or fast. The campaign shows that smart travel is perfectly normal and easy. The Hopper campaign is designed to contribute to reduced impact on the environment and fewer traffic jams.

Half of Dutch people positive about Hopper concept

51% of respondents are positive about the Hopper concept; 11% already consider themselves to be (completely or partially) Hoppers, while 31% find the Hopper concept appealing. ‘With this campaign, we are meeting a need, so this research shows. Many people are in favour of flexible travel and would be quite happy to drive less. But many people find it difficult to think of alternative forms of travel. Starting today, we will be helping them do that’, says Olof van der Gaag, Director of Campaigns at Natuur & Milieu.

Unique website

At the website, you can see the smartest way to travel from your home or place of work. If you enter your location on the website, you instantly get a list of all Hopper options nearby: all shared cars, flexible working locations, bicycle/public transport bicycle rental and storage facilities, public transport stops and stations, P&R locations and charging points. This website is unique in that all travel options can be found in one place.

Tempted by the electric bicycle

For those who would prefer to use their cars less, the electric bike is a great alternative. 79% of electric bikes owners wouldn’t want anything else. 87% of travellers who own a car and an electric bike consider the electric bike to be a great alternative. 60% use their cars less often. ‘The electric bike is ideal for Dutch distances. The average car journey in the Netherlands is 16 km. Easy to do on an electric bike,’ says Olof van der Gaag.

HNW continues trend

30% of Dutch people expect to be working from home or at locations outside the office more frequently in 5 years’ time. And 1 in 4 travellers expects to travel outside rush hour more often in 5 years’ time. This shows that flexible working, a trend that began a few years ago, is continuing. A few years ago, Natuur & Milieu ran a campaign promoting flexible working, together with public authorities, companies and civil-society organisations.

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