Press release – carefree freelancing with Work&Go: the all-in-one-mobility solution for self-employed professionals

13 April 2016

Den Bosch, 13 April 2016 – XXImo has developed an all-in-one mobility solution and even more for freelancers. Freelancing gives you the freedom to choose where you work, who you work for and when you work – and the freedom to keep your own accounts. For many freelancers, the keeping their own accounts part is a thorn in their side. Fortunately, XXImo’s new Work&Go mobility solution takes much of this out of their hands. This solution presents all journeys and costs incurred by a freelancer on the XXImo self-service website and retrospectively on a VAT summary invoice – fuel, parking, train travel, taxi fares, lunches or the use of a public transport bicycle. Hotel stays and meeting venues can also be booked and paid for with Work&Go, which makes expenses accounts and VAT returns very straightforward.

In addition, travel with NS during off-peak hours has been made extra attractive for freelancers. With the Work&Go public transport chip card, they not only get a 20% discount on their off-peak fares, they also build up a food & drink credit worth 10% of every journey, which they can spend at all NS stations. Freelancers can carry on working as the train takes the strain and save for a free lunch or cup of coffee as they go. The food & drink credit saved is immediately available with the Work&Go card. This allows freelancers to continue with their work free from worries, while enjoying exclusive benefits.

Patrick Bunnik, CEO of XXImo, explains, ‘With Work&Go, XXImo takes on a lot of the admin for self-employed professionals, leaving them more time to focus on their work. Saving receipts is a thing of the past for them. We are proud to have concluded a partnership with NS to develop this product. It allows Work&Go cardholders to automatically save for a snack or a drink at NS stations as a free extra. Taken together with the discount on train travel, this makes train travel during off-peak hours doubly attractive for freelancers. For destinations which are more difficult to reach by public transport, they can also use our new travel product to pay for all the alternatives. XXImo Work&Go allows freelancers to take advantage of attractive discounts that are normally only accessible to the corporate market. For example, XXImo has negotiated a fixed discount of at least 12 cents per litre at 1,200 filling stations for self-employed professionals; these locations can be found using the free XXImo app.’

Jan Zweegman, Director of NS Business, is delighted with the initiative by XXImo: ‘Our goal is to provide low-threshold public transport options. Encouraging train travel during off-peak hours definitely helps towards that goal.’

The unique Work&Go mobility package is available from 1 May 2016 for a one-off fee of €10. Use is free for the first year, after which it costs just €2 per month. All services are included, with the exception of electric charging. You can apply for the card online at

About XXImo
XXImo develops and supplies a unique mobility management system that provides optimum support for business travellers. The XXImo platform makes it possible to plan, administer and pay for all business travel. The cardholder decides for themselves what is the best way to travel from A to B – by car alone, by car and public transport or by a combination of taxi, bicycle and public transport. In addition, cardholders can book and pay for hotels and meeting venues with XXImo. Organisations manage all the costs of mobility services via a portal. All transactions are shown on a single itemised summary invoice which can also be used for VAT returns. XXImo means a lot less administrative work, resulting in financial gains. You can find more information at

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