Radiuz and XXImo are merging under the brand of XXImo

09 March 2021

Radiuz and XXImo are merging and will continue together under the brand name XXImo. The brand name Radiuz will disappear shortly. Operating in the Benelux, Germany and France, XXImo has great international growth ambitions and wants to become the European market leader in planning, secure contactless payments and fully digital administrative processing of business mobility.

The new XXImo gives employers all the digital tools they need to create an attractive and sustainable mobility policy; from many forms of mobility budgets, cafeteria plans, expense accounts to home office allowances.

Radiuz and XXImo have both been active in mobility solutions for employers and their employees for over 10 years. In the summer of 2020, XXImo was acquired by AutoBinck Group, also 100% owner of Radiuz. Not much later, Patrick Bunnik was given adual roleas CEO of XXImo and Radiuz.

After an extensive analysis, Radiuz and XXImo announced last December that they wanted to continue working together, which is now materialising. CEO Patrick Bunnik: “We are combining the two platforms and services, using the best of both worlds: XXImo’s innovative and secure Visa service for easy access to and payment for mobility across Europe and Radiuz’ intelligent management portal, which offers employers full control over their mobility policy and gives employees freedom of choice. As such, we face the future confidently together under the XXImo brand.”

Michel Cornelissen, member of the Executive Board and CFO of AutoBinck Group, adds: “COVID-19 has proved to be a catalyst to accelerate change. The new reality in business mobility is above all flexible, sustainable, personal, digital and simple to use. At AutoBinck, we have invested heavily in this area in recent years. We fully back XXImo’s new strategy and support the Team as much as possible.”

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