Significant savings on fuel

16 February 2015

You sometimes have to drive past a filling station to get them, but the rewards are there. GGN, a specialist in the field of credit management, knows all about it. XXImo mobility cards save the organisation tens of thousands of euros per year.

From 26 offices and an extensive network of collection partners, GGN provides ‘all the services needed to create customer value in terms of invoices paid and to maintain that customer value’, says the website. ‘From acceptance, billing, credit management and debt collection to deploying bailiffs. GGN has everything in-house.’ GGN also advises companies on the design of processes relating to credit management, trains employees, implements the processes and provides temporary staff for customers.

No fewer than 250 GGN employees use the XXImo mobility card. They include bailiffs, shareholders (‘participants’, to use the GGN jargon) and account managers. They previously used cars from two other brands. Buyer Kjell van Oosterwijk explains that they were not looking forward to the switch at GGN, but that it proved a lot easier than anticipated. ‘Because we are keen to cut costs, we have decided to authorise only certain filling stations. XXImo offers a handy app for that. It makes all the competitively priced, authorised filling stations easy to find.’ GGN is considering also using the card for public transport in the future.

The card is already used to pay for parking, which also yields substantial cost savings. ‘In particular, we are talking about hidden costs. Until recently, parking tickets had to be copied or printed out, forms had to be submitted and checked. After that, someone from the accounts department had to transfer lots of different, frequently small sums of money. That is all a thing of the past now.’

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