That’s how we became the best government organisation in the country

16 February 2015

Amsterdam regional child protection organisation wins title ‘Best Government Organisation 2014’. Irma Stroet is Manager of Operations and Service Centre at the Amsterdam youth protection organisation and explains that XXImo made a contribution to that achievement.

Five years previously, it was decided that improvement was needed at the youth protection organisation, which employs 600 people. ‘At that time, we opted for a radical change in working methods and culture. The safety of children is our most important objective, all our work processes are focused on that’, says Stroet. ‘One way of promoting that objective was improving support for our employees. Which also meant a mobility card.’

XXImo was selected from among three providers based on cost and quality criteria. ‘We had already used another card on a trial basis and the switch from that card to XXImo went very smoothly. That is partly thanks to the handy step-by-step plan provided by XXImo. The card is used by no fewer than 350 employees, whose work involves sitting down with parents to draw up plans to ensure children’s safety. Currently, it is mainly used for public transport and parking, but we will shortly start using it to pay for hire cars too.’

Although the card was not purchased to save costs (‘The more often we visit families, the better. We actually want to encourage that’), money has nevertheless been saved. ‘Before we started using mobility cards, staff would claim back their travel expenses. This is particularly time-consuming, both for those employees and for the accounts department at the office. Not to mention the people who used to have to check all those forms. ‘We now have more control over our spending on travel, while spending less time on it. Leaving us more time for our real work: helping vulnerable children who are in trouble. That’s how we became the best government organisation in the Netherlands.’

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