XXImo launches Flexcar Express: have a car delivered to your door within two hours

19 February 2015

Unique solution combines car parts with short-term rental and supplements public transport

‘s-Hertogenbosch, 19 March 2015 – XXImo, the all-in-one-mobility solution for the business traveller, launches Flexcar Express. This ‘Spotify of car hire services’ offers an equally simple and fast solution to XXImo cardholders who need a car for a short period. Flexcar Express is a business car hire service which is fully flexible to use for any period, ranging from half a day to three months. The service also provides an additional choice that supports the ‘from ownership to use’ trend.

Need a car for a day? Want to drive to Groningen and come back by train? Take a train to Eindhoven and then use a car to visit customers in Brabant from there? Need a bigger car for a week? Or an afternoon? With Flexcar Express, you can do all that and more. Within two hours, the car will be parked outside your door or at another convenient location, such as a railway station or airport. The car will also be collected afterwards from the location chosen by the XXImo cardholder.

Users authorised by their company pay directly using the XXImo mobility card. The costs are shown on the XXImo summary invoice, which lists all the mobility costs incurred per month. Employers can also use it for their VAT returns.

‘With Flexcar Express, we meet the needs of the modern traveller and link in with the trend from ownership to use’, says Patrick Bunnik, CEO of XXImo. ‘Thanks to a nationwide distribution network, the cars are quickly available where they need to be, anywhere in the country. Whether you need a small car to travel to places which are hard to reach by public transport, to continue your journey after taking the train or want to drive a more luxurious model for special business meetings, Flexcar Express puts you in the driving seat in no time. With XXImo, the employee decides for themselves what is the best way to travel from A to B, within the rules set by the company. One day that might be by train, the next it might be by car. The fact is that all mobility costs – for example journeys by public transport, fuel, parking and even hotel costs – can be paid for using the XXImo card. Which therefore also means the costs incurred for Flexcar Express.’

You can find more information about Flexcar Express at www.xximo.nl/flexcarexpress.

About XXImo
XXImo offers a new and unique mobility solution for the business traveller. XXImo makes it possible to plan, administer and pay for all business travel. With XXImo, the employee decides for themselves what is the best way to travel from A to B – by car alone, by car and public transport or by a combination of taxi, bicycle and public transport. In addition, employees can use XXImo to book and pay for hotels or meeting venues. It is the first mobility solution which allows users to pay for business travel on the basis of a ‘travel menu’ put together in advance. This menu is determined by the employer or freelancer. That way, all commuting and business travel is easy to schedule without deciding everything beforehand. You decide and are free to tailor each journey to your requirements – easily, independently and in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Hassles with receipts, expense claims and booking mobility services in advance are a thing of the past. All transactions with XXImo are shown on a single itemised summary invoice. Employers can use these invoices for their VAT returns. XXImo means a lot less administrative work, resulting in financial gains. XXImo leads the way in many fields, including sustainability. On a personal XXImo page, the employer gets an overview of the CO2 emissions generated by all travel movements by all employees. You can find more information at www.xximo.nl and www.xximo.com.

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