Electric car charging

You can also use the XXImo Mobility Card to administer and pay for electric charging for your car. All transactions for electric charging are clearly shown on a single VAT invoice, along with all other business travel expenses incurred using the XXImo Mobility Card. If you drive a hybrid car, you can therefore refuel and recharge it using the same card. Which is very handy.

Charging your electric car with XXImo

In the Netherlands, you can charge electric cars at public charging points, in P1 and Q-Park multi-storey car parks and at the Fastned quick chargers along motorways. XXImo’s free Milo app shows the nearest charging points. You can also search the app by postcode or the name of the town to see where you can charge your car. Do you have a charging point provided by The New Motion at home? The cost of electric charging at home may be reimbursed by your employer. This requires linking your XXImo Mobility Card to your home charging point. Check with your employer first.

List of electric car charging points

The Netherlands:

  • The New Motion charging points;
  • Charging points operated by Nuon, Eneco, EV-Box, Essent Ecotap, ANWB and others;
  • Multi-storey car parks operated by Q-Park and P1;
  • Schiphol: valet parking, Excellence Parking and P1;
  • All Fastned locations on motorways.


  • Blue Corner charging points;
  • The New Motion charging points;
  • Charging points operated by EV-Box, Eneco and Electric Fuel;
  • Multi-storey car parks operated by Q-Park (among others).


  • The New Motion charging points;
  • Ladenetz charging points (view their locations here);
  • Charging points operated by Bosch, EnBW, Belectric Drive and E.On).


Electric charging with XXImo – the benefits

  • Access to charging points in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
  • You will receive an extra EV tag so that you are ‘double’ equipped
  • You can find a list of charging points in the free Milo app from XXImo
  • The app also tells you the power and type of plugs used at each charging point
  • All transactions clearly shown on a single VAT invoice

Interested in electric charging with XXImo? Please contact us or let us know when we can come and visit you. We will be pleased to tell you more about the possibilities of the XXImo Mobility Card.

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