Fuel card

The XXImo Mobility Card can also be used as a fuel card. You can use your card at 80% of all Dutch filling stations, including Texaco, Esso, TinQ, Tamoil, Firezone, OK, Esso Express, BP Express, AVIA and Tango. Each time you pay for fuel with your XXImo card, the transaction is shown on a single monthly invoice. Which is handy – no hassle with receipts. View the XXImo refuelling network here.

A single fuel card for the Netherlands and Europe

You can use your XXImo fuel card at 80% of filling stations in the Netherlands, 110 of which are located on motorways. Does your company operate internationally? You can also authorise your employees to refuel with XXImo abroad. In Belgium, you can use your XXImo fuel card at 90% of all filling stations. In the rest of Europe, your card can be used at all filling stations that accept Visa. You can find XXImo-affiliated filling stations in the Benelux in the free Milo app. Milo can navigate you directly to the filling station of your choice.

A better grip on your costs

XXImo works with the most affordable service stations in the Netherlands. And in order to get an even better grip on your fuel costs, you can set a limit on the card. You can even decide how much an individual employee can spend on his/her card and which filling stations he/she may refuel at. XXImo has divided all the filling stations in the Netherlands into three price categories:

A: ‘nationwide list price’, with a discount up to 5 cents per litre on the nationwide list price (€€€);

B: ‘average’, with a discount of between 6 and 10 cents per litre on the nationwide list price (€€);

C: and ‘low’, with a discount of 10 cents or more per litre on the nationwide list price (€).

Moreover, the category C filling stations include 1,250 at which XXImo offers you a price guarantee. At these filling stations, you always receive a discount of 12 cents per litre. If the litre price is even more than 12 cents below the national average, you pay the lower price. But in the unlikely event that the price is higher, XXImo will reimburse the difference to you (retrospectively, per quarter). The search results in the Milo app can also be adjusted to match these categories. So if an employee is only authorised to use filling stations in categories B and C, The user then only sees those filling stations in the Milo app.

The benefits of refuelling with XXImo

  • Attractive discounts on fuel
  • No more hassle with receipts and expenses claims
  • All your refuelling costs clearly shown on a single VAT invoice which is suitable for VAT returns
  • Authorise in advance instead of checking retrospectively
  • No more tiresome paperwork – saving you time and money
  • You can find the nearest filling stations in the Benelux with the free Milo app
  • Refuelling with premium fuels is automatically blocked
  • Your XXImo card allows you to do so much more than a regular fuel card!
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