Parking card and tolls

Do you often travel to business meetings by car? If so, you will often be faced with parking charges as well as fuel costs. Parking is often a hassle; you need to keep a separate ticket, wait by a payment terminal or estimate how long you will be staying beforehand. What's more, you have to keep a record of your parking charges, which takes up more of your time. In those circumstances, your XXImo Mobility Card offers a solution by doubling as a parking pass. Because did you know that parking charges are tax-deductible for business travellers? Thanks to XXImo, all your parking costs are conveniently shown on a single VAT invoice. Which makes it easy to keep track.

Where can you use your XXImo card as a parking pass?

You can use your XXImo parking pass to park your car not just in the Netherlands but in the whole of Europe. You can use all car parks operated by Q-Park, Apcoa, Interparking, P1 and others. In addition, you can reserve a parking space in advance in over 28 car parks throughout the Netherlands. You can do so, for example, at Schiphol, Eindhoven Airport, Rotterdam Airport, Markthal Rotterdam, Lijnbaan Rotterdam, Utrecht Hoog Catharijne, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Amsterdam IJdock and several Q-Park garages. Booking is very easy via your online account at My XXImo.

Looking for a parking spot en route? The free Milo app makes it very easy to find the nearest available parking, based on your location. For example, you can use the following:

Parking meters which accept payment by Visa or Parkmobile.

You can also use your XXImo Mobility Card to pay for on-street parking at meters which accept Visa or the Parkmobile app. If you are authorised for ‘parking’ and ‘mobile parking’, we will create an account for the Parkmobile app for you. In order to make use of this parking service, you will need to install the Parkmobile app on your smartphone. The parking charges are automatically deducted from the balance on your XXImo Mobility Card. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can also use Parkmobile by phoning or texting.

Q-Park P+R

You can use your XXImo Mobility Card to pay at all P+R locations operated by Q-Park or at NS stations where payment by Visa is accepted. If you are also authorised for public transport, you benefit from attractive discounts when you park at Q-Park and travel with NS on the same day:

Example daily rate in Den Bosch
Maximum daily rate € 12.75
Maximum daily rate for XXImo & NS € 5.34

You can also use XXImo to pay for parking at Dutch airports. It’s very easy to book these parking services using your online account in My XXImo. Centralparking is a valet parking service at Schiphol, Eindhoven Airport and Rotterdam Airport. As a customer, you drive your car right up to the departure hall, after which it is taken to a secure car park just outside the airport by a driver on behalf of Centralparking. Upon your return, a driver will be waiting with your car outside the departure hall.

At Schiphol, you can also use Schiphol’s own Valet Parking service and Parkfly. For Valet Parking, you leave your car outside the departure hall and drop off your key at the Schiphol Valet Parking service desk. Your car will be taken by a Schiphol employee to a car park which is not accessible to third parties. At Parkfly, you park your own car in a monitored, secure car park near Schiphol. You then transfer to the departure hall by shuttle bus.

Paying tolls with XXImo

Toll tunnels, bridges and roads also fall within the ‘Parking’ service. If you are authorised for ‘Parking’, you can use your XXImo Mobility Card to pay for all these types of tolls throughout Europe. Card-holders can use all gates marked ‘Visa’.

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