Public transportation

Alongside the Mobility Card, XXImo also offers you a personal public transport chip card. This XXImo public transport chip card is a valid for all public transport in the Netherlands. Whether you use the train, bus or metro; All the journeys you make using XXImo are clearly shown on a single invoice.

Public transport

The XXImo public transport card

The business public transportation chip card of XXImo is personal and linked to your XXImo account. Check in, travel and check out. Charging is not necessary. Will the journey continue after arrival at the station? Rent a shared bike, take a taxi or take a shared car. Do you prefer Arriva or GVB or internationally? Sure!

Cheap parking with XXImo

If you park your car at a Q-Park P+R location before continuing your journey by rail, you will also receive a discount on the parking charges when you pay with your XXImo public transport chip card. The discount can vary depending on the Q-Park location. A price example:

Example daily rate in Den Bosch
Regular maximum daily rate € 12.75
Maximum daily rate with XXImo & NS € 5.34

Please note: This discount is only applicable if you have also checked in and out for your train journey using your XXImo public transport chip card.

Easily mark travel by public transport

As a user, you can designate all journeys as ‘private’, ‘business’ or ‘commuting’ in your personal online account at My XXImo and in the Milo app. This makes it immediately clear to both your employer and the tax authorities which travel costs are business expenses. Which saves you a lot of paperwork and hassle with receipts and expense claims.


Public transport bike

Go green, hire an ‘OV-fiets’

Even hiring a shared bicycle is possible with a personal public transport chip card from XXImo. The chip card can be connected to your XXImo account. Ask your employer for the possibilities. The employer can easily switch the option on and off again.

The benefits of using XXImo on public transport

  • Always have sufficient balance on your XXImo public transport chip card
  • No hassle with receipts and expenses claims
  • Always get 15% discount on NS during off-peak hours
  • Always get discounts on parking with Q-Park P+R in combination with train travel
  • Easy to hire an ‘OV bike’
  • Reclaiming money is quickly done through
  • Book international train tickets direct using the free Milo app or in ‘My XXImo’
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