Shared car solutions

Many employees need a company car now and then but not every day. In those circumstances, it is more practical and economical if employees are able to share a car. XXImo responds to this strong demand for flexible car sharing solutions with three services:

  • XXImo Flexcar; a vehicle fleet solution based on shared cars.
  • XXImo Flexcar Express; have a car delivered to your door within two hours.
  • Car2go; hire a car2go car in Amsterdam with the minimum of fuss.

Car sharing with XXImo Flexcar

With XXImo Flexcar, companies can easily establish a vehicle fleet made up of shared cars. By means of a registration system, employees can view where and when shared cars are available. They can also book directly with this system. Each shared car is provided with One2Go from Texaco, which records the amount of fuel put into the tank and automatically handles the payment. XXImo takes care of every aspect for you – from software implementation to cleaning. XXImo Flexcar is independent of car makes and lease companies.

XXImo Flexcar Express

With XXImo Flexcar Express, you can reserve a car very quickly and easily by phone or at Mijn XXImo. There are cars available in seven classes, from Hyundai I10 to Mercedes C-class. The car of your choice will be waiting for you at any location in the Netherlands within four hours, or within two hours for an additional fee. You are free to decide how long you borrow the car for; from half a day to three months. And you can leave the car wherever you want to afterwards; XXImo will pick it up again. The costs of rental and use will be charged to your XXImo Mobility Card. The fuel costs are also for the card-holder’s expense. If you are authorised for refuelling, you can naturally also pay for these costs using your XXImo Mobility Card.

XXImo Car2go

Car2go is a car-sharing service in Amsterdam. As an XXImo card-holder, you can register on the Car2go website. After you have entered your XXImo Mobility Card details here once, hiring a car is very simple. There are more than 300 Car2go cars ready for use all across Amsterdam. In order to locate a car, you can use the Car2go website.

All car-sharing transactions are clearly shown on a single VAT invoice, together with all the other business travel costs you incur with your XXImo card. Would you like to know more about our car-sharing solutions? Please contact us or let us know when we can come and tell you all about the possibilities for your company.

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