Taxi card

As a business traveller, you are likely to make frequent use of taxis – to get from the station to a location in the city centre or from the airport to your hotel, and on the many days that your schedule ends up changing. At these busy times, you don't want to have to worry about the payment method or handing in your receipts. A single taxi pass for all your taxi rides would be ideal for you. The XXImo Mobility Card offers you just that; because you can also use it as a taxi pass. Which makes travelling by taxi a lot simpler.

Your XXImo Mobility Card as a taxi pass

You can use your XXImo Mobility Card as a taxi pass both in the Netherlands and abroad. You can use it to pay for any European taxi service which accepts Visa. In Netherlands, you should book your business taxis with the Transvision taxi firm. It is very easy to book your Transvision taxi services in your online account at My XXImo. You can also book by phone by calling 010 – 303 57 48. If you have booked a taxi as part of your journey, the taxi will be waiting for you at the agreed location and the driver will know your name.

Uber and eCab international taxi services

You can also use your XXImo Mobility Card to use the international taxi service apps Uber and eCab. In various European cities you can use the Uber app to order a taxi with just one touch of a button. In the app, you choose a pickup location and Uber links you to the nearest driver. eCab is a partnership between the leading taxi companies in Europe and is available in Amsterdam (in partnership with TCA) but also in Brussels and Paris. The eCab app makes booking a taxi easy. With both of these providers, you do not have to pay during the taxi ride. Your XXImo Mobility Card is linked to your data via the apps; as a result, the taxi fare is automatically deducted from the balance on your card.

Paying taxi fares with XXImo – the benefits

  • A single payment method for all your taxi fares
  • No more worries about payment methods and keeping receipts
  • Easy to book via Mijn XXImo or by phone
  • Payment is automatic when you use the Uber and eCab apps
  • All national and international taxi transactions are grouped together on a single VAT invoice
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