XXImo can be organised modularly by activating or deactivating mobility options for each individual card/cardholder and setting budgets. You only pay for the mobility options you have activated that month.

You can apply for, change and manage XXImo Mobility Cards using ‘My XXImo’. Your company will of course receive one monthly VAT invoice for all cardholders jointly.

Monthly Single
XXImo Mobility Card € 4,75 € 17,50
Refuelling in the Benelux € 1,00
Refuelling in Europe € 1,50
Parking / Toll
Mobile parking € 1,00
Car wash
Public transport € 1,50 € 10,00
Public transport bike € 1,00
Electric charging € 3,50 € 5,00
Shared mobility € 1,10
International travel € 1,60
Pay in catering / meeting locations € 1,00
Other VISA Network € 1,00
The basic monthly fee (€ 4.75 per month per cardholder) is charged six months in advance. Any supplementary mobility options and/or amendments will be charged monthly and itemised on the VAT invoice. Click here for the detailed price list.