Paragon Customer Communications is a leading international player in the area of end-to-end customer communication for companies. The firm employs 400 people at six locations in the Netherlands and Belgium, serving various customers in the areas of digital transformation, more efficient work processes and a better customer experience. Some of those employees spend a lot of time travelling on business. For this purpose, they use the XXImo mobility card.

“We started using the XXImo for all our lease drivers four years ago at the recommendation of our lease company. It turned out to be good move, because we no longer have separate claims flows, we offer employees travel convenience and at the same time keep a good grip on costs”, explains Liesbeth van den Hoek, HR advisor.

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A Luxury cosmetics firm chooses single party for all mobility. Reporting is simpler and convenience is the most important principle

“Previously, we had different suppliers for all forms of mobility and claims flows. My main aim was to relieve employees from having to carry multiple cards, sometimes as many as four, and from having to advance costs. I succeeded in that aim.” The speaker is Nicole de Lange, office manager of a luxury international cosmetics house. “The solution came around five years ago via our lease company. They told us about the existence of a total mobility solution. I was unfamiliar with it before then. This is how we came to start using the services of Radiuz, now XXImo.”

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Rentokil’s employees drive across the country for their work every day. They are experts in pest control and disinfection. “Many of our customers are located in the cities, where you have paid parking. This also entails large numbers of parking transactions for our organisation”, says Erika Vandekerkhove, Fleet & Facilities Coordinator of BeLux.

Parking leads to many expense claims. The parking costs must first be advanced and then claimed. Erika: “parking is expensive. This means that people who park up to 20 times a month have to advance large amounts of money. Also, the expense claims process with all these tickets is very time-consuming, for both field staff and the processing department. 

Enough reasons for Rentokil to tackle and solve the aforementioned parking problems once and for all. 

“With XXImo’s parking solution, employees no longer have to advance parking fees and submit expense claims. Everything is taken care of automatically with the mobility card + app. An additional advantage is that we can also reclaim the VAT through the monthly invoice, which is not possible with expense claims.”

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Athlon was the first international leasing company to offer its customers the XXImo Mobility Card. Athlon now has its own Athlon Mobility Card and a MyAthlonMobilityCard self-service website for its customers, powered by XXImo.


Arrange your mobility properly and efficiently for your employees, so they have more time for the most important thing: helping vulnerable children who are in trouble. Youth Protection Amsterdam Region has been a XXImo customer from the very beginning.

Keeping every child safe is the mission of Youth Protection Amsterdam Region. The organisation’s 450 employees assist at least 2,200 families every year. “Youth Protection wants to work where we’re most effective. That’s with children, families at home, at schools or with chain partners. Everything is aimed at facilitating our family managers as best as possible in all aspects of their work.

Karen: “We were looking for a mobility solution for business trips, in addition to the commuting allowance and business travel allowance. We opted for the XXImo mobility card. This made travelling much easier and at the same time, we were able to remove the administrative workload for employees. At the time, such a mobility card was really unique and in full development. We have been using the card to our satisfaction for many years now.

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Rabobank Netherlands and the local Rabobank branches use the Athlon Mobility Card (powered by XXImo). In taking this step, Rabobank was moving to cut costs and limit the stream of expenses claims. With the Athlon Mobility Card, Rabobank employees can refuel at filling stations which are part of a network put together specifically for them. Alongside refuelling, electric charging, public transport and taxis, they can also use the card in multi-storey car parks and for airport parking and on-street parking. All without having to submit receipts to Rabobank afterwards. That means less administrative work.


KPMG operates as a global network of independent member firms offering audit, tax and advisory services; working closely with clients, helping them to mitigate risks and grasp opportunities. KPMG Netherlands employs more than 2,800 dedicated employees. To travel to the office or to visit customers, these professionals use the Athlon Mobility Card since early 2015 (powered by XXImo).


Nieman Groep is an engineering firm which specialises in building physics, construction technology, building regulations, installation technology and facades and roofs. Together with their clients, the engineers of the Nieman Group create sustainable buildings in which people can live, work and spend their leisure time safely, healthily and comfortably. Since early 2014, these engineers have been able to conveniently refuel and park with the XXImo Mobility Card.


Carlson Wagonlit Travel supplies efficient and innovative solutions for business travel, meetings and events. They do this by providing the best people and unrivalled service worldwide. Carlson Wagonlit Travel primarily uses the business XXImo public transport chip card for its employees.


The activities of the Care Dienstengroep include cleaning maintenance, window cleaning and facade cleaning, plus the supply of sanitary facilities. In order save on its business mobility costs, the Care services group makes use of XXImo in the broadest form.


Mconomy sells accessories for mobile telephony, tablets, etc. Mconomy’s products are delivered to leading retailers. Alongside cheap refuelling, Mconomy employees benefit greatly from XXImo on all their visits to these retailers because it enables them to pay for parking quickly and easily at the shopping centres.r parkeren bij de winkelcentra.